The Podcast by KevinMD – Real Estate Investing for Physicians

The Real Estate Physician was recently featured on The Podcast by KevinMD to discuss our experience in real estate through commercial real estate syndications. It was a pleasure to be a featured guest with KevinMD!

We discussed the following topics:

  • Our story and journey into real estate; how we first started exploring investing other ways to put our money to work beyond Wall Street and our retirement funds
  • Why passive income is important for physicians and how passive investing can help physicians obtain time freedom through leverage. For details, see our article on KevinMD: The benefits of passive over active investing for busy professionals
  • How physicians can get started in real estate syndications and how to vet syndicators
  • The risks and returns of real estate vs. the stock market
  • Real estate private syndications vs. crowdfunding sites
  • Understanding your investment philosophy and goals before selecting your investment vehicle


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