As physicians, we understand the unique position we are in to invest. Our vision is to empower a community of physician investors to achieve greater financial independence so we have the freedom to practice medicine on our own terms.

Our Story

The Real Estate Physician was founded in 2018 by Cherry Chen and Alex Luu, two people committed to having agency over their time, who wanted to empower others to live purposeful lives – both inside and outside of the clinic.

By helping hundreds of individuals put their money to work, The Real Estate Physician has become a leader in the real estate investment environment: we’re here to provide guidance, education, and support to achieve your goals. Whether that means paying off debt, saving up for a home, or preventing burn-out, you can rest assured – we got you.

We carefully select and verify our partners before sharing upcoming investment opportunities and, most importantly, we believe in working together, which means that all our knowledge and resources are completely free. All you have to do is connect with us.


Cherry Chen

Cherry Chen, M.D.

Cherry received her MD at Texas A&M College of Medicine with honors and completed her training at Oregon Health & Science University. She practices as an internal medicine hospitalist.

She is the author of “The Physician’s Definitive Guide to Real Estate Syndications”.

Alex Luu

Alex Luu

Alex carries her experience in the international development and global health sphere. She has consulted with the WHO, Gates Foundation, and other international aid organizations. She’s the strategist making certain that the process is simple and straightforward for our investors.

I find that The Real Estate Physician platform is outstanding! The deals have been researched by Cherry Chen, and the teams she invests with are brought to me in a clear, organized format. The website is one of the best I have invested through! I have now done three deals due to the ease of the process and have finally found a place to put my capital to good use… now and in the future.

The Ophthalmologist

Dr. Chen and her team make it easier for other physician investors to jump into syndication investments. By leveraging her knowledge and network, I believe you can fast-track your way to success, which is smarter than spending months and years going through slow trials and errors on your own.

The Geriatrician

I have the utmost confidence and trust in Cherry Chen as my mentor in passive investing. What she does is to surround herself with proven, experienced and trusted sponsors and operators. She only deals with the best! These folks have remarkable track records and integrity, and passion for what they do. I’m proud to be a part of these teams!

The Dentist

and get access to The Physician’s Definitive Guide to Commercial Real Estate Syndications