The Hospitalist

How did you hear about The Real Estate Physician?

I’ve known Cherry for several years from prior clinical work. She introduced me to syndication deals when she learned of my interest in real estate investing.

What made you want to diversify your portfolio with commercial real estate?

I wanted to diversify my investments away from the stock market. I was looking for a reliable passive income stream that would allow me to work less and take control of my time. I also liked the ability to use depreciation to shelter my rental income from taxes. I also liked that I did not have to actively manage any properties.

Have you had prior experience investing in commercial real estate syndications before signing up with The Real Estate Physician?

I did not have prior experience investing in commercial real estate. I have seen several of my relatives become wealthy using real estate. I always wanted to own investment properties, but I did not have the experience to feel comfortable doing so. Cherry helped educate me and patiently answered all of my questions. I read her book which provided a basic understanding of how investing in real estate worked. I also read several books and blogs which helped me become more comfortable and knowledgeable about the investment process.

What suggestions do you have for physicians interested in getting started in commercial real estate syndications?

Take the first step and actually invest some money in a deal. I spent years wanting to get into real estate but never did anything about it. Once I put money in a deal I became very motivated to learn about syndications and real estate in general. I read several books, attended a conference, and listened to podcasts. I read the Bigger Pockets website which provided me with a wealth of information. I am now invested in a couple of properties and I have been getting distributions regularly for two years.

What does financial independence look like to you?

Financial independence means getting control of my time and not being dependent on a job. It means developing passive income streams that will pay for all my necessities. It will allow me to work on my own terms and improve my quality of life.

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