The Interventional Pain PM&R Doctor

How did you hear about The Real Estate Physician?

I have been exploring different investment opportunities, and I was just beginning to create a real estate investment club in New York City for my small circle of friends. I heard a podcast on Doctors Unbound featuring Cherry Chen, MD, who presented an opportunity for people who wanted to start investing in real estate but didn’t fully understand the financial picture. I reached out to her directly, and she shared her experiences with me. I then started investing and made my first investment in syndications with The Real Estate Physician.

What made you want to diversify your real estate portfolio with commercial real estate?

The timing was actually incredible as I had just finished reading a book by Grant Cardone titled, “The 10X Rule.” I started to listen to podcasts on commercial real estate investing and began to analyze financial statements and offerings, but honestly, I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. However, I knew that I wanted real estate, and more specifically, commercial real estate to be part of my portfolio. It was not until my interaction with The Real Estate Physician that this goal became a reality.

Have you had prior experience investing in commercial real estate syndications before signing up with The Real Estate Physician?

I had some experience with this type of investment vehicle as I started with crowdfunding and peer to peer lending in 2010 when these opportunities were first coming to market, but my first commercial real estate syndication was with The Real Estate Physician.

What suggestions do you have for physicians who are interested in getting started in commercial real estate syndications?

The reality is that many of us have formal education and training on what it takes to be a physician. As part of the commitment to lifelong learning, we often educate ourselves on many different topics from investment opportunities to retirement planning. The Real Estate Physician is more than just a service that connects third parties. It truly is a wealth of resources and education for those who want to not only invest in commercial real estate but also learn about the financials and become more knowledgeable and experienced in creating passive income streams.

What does financial independence look like to you?

To me, financial independence is the ability to work as much or little as I choose to be a physician in order to provide for my family. As a physician and clinician, the vast majority of my time is tied to seeing patients. The opportunity to spend more time with my family, traveling, and enjoying new experiences is largely dependent on my passive income. Not all income is equal. By participating in tax-advantages investments through real estate syndications, I am one step closer to my goal of becoming financially independent.