The Emergency Doctor

How did you hear about The Real Estate Physician?

I first heard about REP through a facebook group and several trusted physicians who invested in syndications with them. I was instantly drawn to REP since it was founded by a physician, and I feel a higher level of trust when working with other physicians that I don’t feel in general in the investing/finance worlds.

What made you want to diversify your real estate portfolio with commercial real estate?

Commercial real estate (CRE) is so resilient and offers so many advantages as part of a well-rounded and diversified portfolio. Generally speaking, CRE has a low correlation to global markets and is protected from much of the volatility of the equity markets. 15% or more of high net worth portfolios are typically going into real estate for good reason. CRE also has the advantage of depreciation which can offset taxes. I also like the longer leases, cash flow, and ownership of an actual hard asset.

Have you had prior experience investing in commercial real estate syndications before signing up with The Real Estate Physician?

Yes! Several, in fact. None have had the level of professionalism, communication and education that I have experienced with REP. These deals all went well, but I was in the dark most of the time and generally felt out of the loop. With REP, I feel like an owner/investor, and I always know where our deals are at.

What suggestions do you have for physicians who are interested in getting started in commercial real estate syndications?

Syndications are a great way for you to dip your toes in the water. The Real Estate Physician is the best possible place for a physician, or anyone else for that matter, to do so. As a physician, $50K is a pretty easy starting point, and I would just close your eyes and jump in and do a deal. We don’t live forever and the sooner you get your money working for you, the quicker you can become financially independent.

What does financial independence look like to you?

Complete freedom from concerns or thoughts about money in all aspects of my life. It’s easy to make money they say and hard to keep it. I am financially independent by the numbers but still manage our investments and like to be involved in the day-to-day management of our monies. Therefore, we are not actually financially independent since this is somewhat of a psychological goal. I have no idea what it would be like to actually not think about money at all, and I am not sure if we will ever achieve that ability. But I can tell you one thing, when your money is working for you, instead of the other way around, you are moving in the right direction. I enjoy doing syndications with and through The Real Estate Physician and look forward to many more deals together.

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