The Mutual Friend

How did you hear about The Real Estate Physician?

I was introduced to Cherry through a mutual friend after I mentioned that I was interested in investing in real estate in Texas.

What made you want to diversify your portfolio with commercial real estate?

I wanted to diversify into commercial real estate in particular because it is more landlord-friendly and has a higher barrier to entry than residential real estate. The tax benefits are appealing, and syndications are one of the most passive approaches you can take.

Have you had prior experience investing in commercial real estate syndications before signing up with The Real Estate Physician?

No, I was interested in buying commercial property but the entry price for a decent commercial building is relatively high. When I learned about syndications, I was excited to be able to participate in high quality transactions without investing so much capital up front. Cherry has been very helpful in introducing me to deals and walking me through the syndication process. It’s been fun and educational for me, and I am grateful that Cherry has been so generous in sharing her knowledge and experience.

What suggestions do you have for physicians interested in getting started in commercial real estate syndications?

Find friends who are interested in real estate and participate in a deal together. Put in the minimum amount, discuss the pros and cons with each other, and learn as you go. You won’t learn anything on the sidelines so just get started.

What does financial independence look like to you?

Building enough diversified passive income streams so that I’m not dependent on the income from my day job.